Trailer Release: NEED FOR SPEED

Aaron Paul Need for Speed

In just 3 days, Aaron Paul closes a significant chapter of his career as critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad ends its epic run on AMC.  In an effort to capitalize on Paul’s increased media exposure this week, Need for Speed released it’s first trailer this week, featuring Paul almost exclusively.  The film is based on the incredibly successful video game series of the same name in which players race various automobiles in tracks and cities with some instalments focused on evading the police.  In the film, Paul seeks revenge against his former friend and fellow racer.  The film also features Dakota Johnson, who made headlines in recent weeks when she was cast as the female lead in the big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.


From the look of it, the film looks to capitalize on Paul’s brooding nature and inherent badass-ness along with some flashy chases and explosions.  Still, we know very little about the film at this time and audiences have yet to take to video game movies without major Hollywood stars.  Paul certainly has audiences’ attention at the moment and Johnson adds another layer of intrigue, but it is unclear if they are enough to put audiences in the seats for what may end up being a Fast and the Furious clone.


Need for Speed hits theaters on Pi Day (3.14) 2014.


Game on.


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